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gran duque de alba
gran duque de alba nombre

Definition: In EEC terms and according to R (EEC) 1576/89, a ‘Brandy’ type spirit made from grape spirit and high-quality wines, or holandas, matured for a long period of time and aged in oak casks. In Spain, it is a brandy certified within the Specific Demarcation of Brandy de Jerez, Solera Gran Reserva
Raw material: Excellent young, fruity white wines fermented at low temperatures. They are slightly filtered, even preserving some of the lees in suspension during distillation.
Alcohol content: 40% Alc. /Vol.
Type of product: Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva
Sugar content: 17 gr./l.

Production, Maturing and Ageing: Distillation in stills at 65º C to obtain the excellent holandas. The extraordinary characteristics of this brandy are the result of a painstaking selection of the materials it is made with. It begins with the selection of excellent Palomino and Airen white wines; early distillation and the methods employed are decisive to the final quality of the holandas, which are aged in casks of American oak that have previously been aged with oloroso sherry. Then they enter the traditional system of Criaderas y Soleras in the 10th criadera, progressively going down until they reach the solera cask. The amount of brandy taken out is carefully controlled in order to ensure that the brandy maintains the same age at all times.

Tasting notes: The gold-highlighted mahogany colour and the complexity of the aromas – wine esters with distinctive balsamic notes – remind us of the brandy’s lengthy presence in wood. The palate is medium-dry, smooth and full, with burnt undertones and hints of vanilla, followed by a long, pleasing finish.

Suggestions for consumption: Alone or with friends, sipping a glass of this old, elegant brand is a tribute to our palate. Serve in a snifter at room temperature and warm the brandy by keeping your hand around the bottom. Perfect for sitting around the table and enjoying a conversation after a meal.

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